Playing with gods..

She was uncomfortable standing there in the hallway of the space station orbiting moon 5 of planet IV in the Goinard system. It was not because of the mutilated man lying before her in his own blood whimpering and begging for mercy, no it was because she missed the comforting sensation of pod fluid enveloping her body and the feel of total control of a ship.

She looked down at the body before her. His mutilation was a result of her making a point. A month ago she had been careless. She had in a moment of recklessness aggressed another capsuleer at the warpgate in the Palmon system. That had of course cost her an intercepter, a fragment of her pride and last but not least her victim.

The two thugs she hired stood nervously beside her waiting for orders. They were obviously in over their heads and they knew it. The look on their faces when they found out they were working for a capsuleer was almost worth the money itself. She enjoyed this kind of control. She knew it was twisted, but the lack of true death ment the lack of caring for the mortals. At least for her part. She was a demigod.

She hadn’t given much thought to the loss of her interceptor until she was targeted in the Dodixie system. She had just undocked the station in a brand new Myrmidon battlecruiser when warning signs started flashing and alarms started bleeping followed by the shattering of her battlecruiser. Projectiles ripping through shields, armor and hull. Then the short searing pain of death. She hated the cloning process. Waking up being dizzy and disorientated. Confusion and memories of death. It took time to shake off. The first time was the worst. She still remembered it in every detail. The smell and taste of the cloning facility was clear in her memory. But it was a cheap price to pay for immortality.

The loss of her Battlecruiser in the Dodixie system was directly linked to the loss of her interceptor in the Palmon system. When someone illegally agresssed someone in CONCORD monitored systems a Killright was issued. Other capsuleers had taken advantage of that and collected the bounty on her head. She didn’t have issues with that. It was their right and that was how the system worked. She had used it herself. It was the fact that they caught her that annoyed her and made her angry. Someone had talked. Someone had told other capsuleers were she could be found.

It was that someone that now lay before her in his own pool of blood.

She kneeled down and looked him in the eye he had left. She saw resignation in his eye as he realised that death was inevitable.

“You made one mistake mister Holden.” She said. “You played with the gods…”



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