For the Federation! Part 1

909a7882ecf189c6ff791da0a2dfdc85Location: Stacmon V – Moon 9 – Federation Navy Assembly Plant

“You are what!?” He almost shouted it.

“I am transferring ownership of the corporation to you.”

He closed his eye, squeezed the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“Whatever Mesh.. I’m in Dodixie now taking care of corporate business anyways. Do your thing.. Self-realization or whatever it is you are doing and then come back whenever you feel like it.”

She smiled at him and said in a soft voice: “You are the best.”

She switched off the communicator and got out of bed. The light was dim and the air needed recycling in the small quarters she had in the station. She opened the refrigerator, grabbed a Quafe and went to the viewport overlooking the traffic in and out of the station.

There was a knock on the door. One of those knocks that sounded official. Military knocks. She opened the door and saw she had been right. In the hallway stood two officials from the Gallente Federation. One was an older man with a stern look. Behind him, holding a datapad stood a young man looking uncomfortable. He reminded her of a puppy.

“yes?” she said fully aware that she was still only in her underwear.

The older man with the stern expression took the lead. Obviously.

“Miss Meshfori?”

“Yes that is me” She looked past him at the young man, looked him up and down and gave him a smile. He blushed.

“We are here on official business” the older man said. “I’m captain Velore and this is my associate Lieutenant Mekinan. We are here to discuss your application to join the Federal Defence Union.”

She invited them in and offered them a drink which they refused. She grabbed a jumpsuit on her bed and slipped into it before she sat down opposite the two men that had seated themselves at the only table in the room.

“I am going to be frank with you Miss. The FDU is not impressed with your previous work and who you affiliated with. Our records show that you several years ago sided with both The Ammarrian Navy and the Caldari Navy. This has resulted in the FDU having certain.. ermm.. how to put it.. trust issues with capsuleers  like yourself.”

She of course knew all this. However she had good connections within the Federation and her persuasion skills normally got her what she wanted. But with this man.. this Captain Velore she wasn’t so sure. He was obviously used to working with capsuleers and wasn’t intimidated at all. This could be a problem.

“I know.” she said. “I am trying to redeem myself. I want to do the right thing Captain.  My loyalty lies with the Gallente Federation now. I am sure we can figure something out” She smiled one of her convincing smiles at him.

No reaction.

“Charm and bribery won’t get you far. I know some people think highly of you and consider you trustworthy. However the FDU does not!”

He looked at the lieutenant behind him and gave him a nod. The young man tapped a few times on the datapad and looked up at her.

“You should receive mission details and agent contacts now Miss.”

She looked at her datapad lying on the table beside her.

“What is this?” she said while scrolling through the data.

“This” the older man said ”is the location of agents willing to let you work for us. There are also locations on Serpentis hideouts which I will encourage you to look closer at. This is your chance to redeem yourself.”

Now he smirked. What an asshole.

Without any further comments he got up and left the room with the young lieutenant following right behind him.

She sat there for some time starring into nothingness. He was right of course. She had done wrong in the eyes of the Gallente Federation. She had however expected it to be minor technicality to join the FDU. Her connections and flair for diplomacy had opened many doors for her during the last couple of years. But the FDU saw right through that. She respected that. It was pure and clean.

She looked at the datapad again. It looked simple and easy and it might even earn the corporation some money. She needed to prepare for this. First she needed a bigger ship, hire a crew for it, and pay the insurance for the ship and the crew.

She opened a private channel to her broker.

“yes Mesh? What can I do for you?”

“I need a cruiser sized ship and a crew for it.. and I need it by tomorrow.”

“Okay I think it can be done.. I’ll find something I know you like to fly. Anything else?”

“Can you be discrete?”

“You know I can.” He laughed.

“Send up a couple of pleasure slaves while you are at it. And a bottle of Caldari whiskey.”

“Oh that is going to cost you” There was a moment of silence “I have a couple of Minmatar slaves. They are on Vitoc so there should be no issues. Male or female?”

“Send me the female tonight. I will make sure you get paid accordingly”.

She closed the communicator and tossed it on the table. Tonight was going to be a good night after all.


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