Lone Hunter


Location: Somewhere in wormhole space.

She exited warp 20 kilometers from the wormhole. This particular wormhole, categorized N110, lead directly to high security space. She didn’t know which part of empire space, but that was irrelevant. The interesting thing was that this solar system always had one static wormhole of this class. That meant that there would be traffic coming in and out of this system regularly. And that meant profit.

She wasn’t alone here. A corporation had setup residence in the system. They had placed several moon mining and industrial structures in the system as well as three Astrahus citadels. The citadels were clearly their base of operation and the mining structures their source of income. She had observed them for some time and their fleet primarily consisted of Occators and Iteron Mark V industrial ships. The Occator would be a nice catch. She knew the Occator was designed to operate in this kind of space. It was hard to warp disrupt and had a decent tank. However she wasn’t really worried about the tank. Her torpedoes would eat through that in no time. She was worried she could keep her victim from warping off before she could kill it. Occators could transport a huge amount of materials and goods. Ships included. But the capsuleers that lived here were smart. They knew what they were doing and she had to be smart to intercept them and kill them. She hoped Bob was on her side.

She had left FDU some time ago. She couldn’t come to terms with the way they ran things and the level of attendance they required. She missed the Gunslingers and shortly after joining the FDU she left it again. Gunslingers welcomed her back and ownership of the corporation was immediately returned to her.

The company needed an overhaul however. There would be changes to how things were running. Offices in some parts of empire space and low sec would be closed. There was no need for them anymore. That would require a lot of logistic planning from the other members of the corporation but that was their job. Focus would shift from manufacturing and mining to exploration and piracy in wormhole space. The corporation would still be mining and manufacturing, but at a lower activity level and only to support the wormhole operations and pay the bills.

The wormhole “splashed”. She watched her scanners intensely and got ready to attack. 15 kilometers away a frigate emerged from the wormhole. It was a Minmatar Probe frigate and the pilot quickly activated his cloak and warped off. She checked her directional scanners and after a minute or two Scanner probes showed up on her scan result. The pilot was clearly scanning down the system in order to find any hidden and abandoned sites worth scavenging. She had scanned down the system and knew there were only one other wormhole and an abandoned outpost in the system.

She warped to the abandoned outpost, stayed cloaked and waited patiently while constantly checking her directional scanner. By the way the Probe pilot moved his scanner probes around the system she knew he was scanning down this particular site.

A couple of minutes later the Probe landed on grid. Because she was cloaked he didn’t notice her and went for the first abandoned structure. She directed her camera drones towards his ship and saw he was trying to hack his way in to the structure.

She uncloaked her Nemesis stealth bomber, quickly targeted and warp disrupted him. Because he was a small target torpedoes wasn’t really the best weapon to use so she lit her two target painters making sure her torpedoes would hit their target. The first volley ripped through the frigates shields and most of its armor. The second volley disintegrated the ship. A third volley took care of the capsule and left debris and the frozen corpse of her victim floating in space.

She checked the wreck but it contained nothing of value so she unleashed a fourth volley to remove any evidence of what just had happened.

She quickly cloaked again and checked her scanners. Nothing. That was good. She didn’t want to attract the attention of the residents of the system.

She turned her nemesis around and warped to a safe spot in the system. It was time to hunt down that Occator..



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